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Meet Sandy

Hello! Thanks for reading me, it means a lot to me for you to be here.


I am Venezuelan and blessed Mom of Two.


Looking for a better future, I moved to Miami 10 years ago where I started training as a professional. I got my degree in Biology and then in Alternative Medicine. Later on, I found my purpose of life. 


In the meantime, I married and dreamed for a long time about having a family. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and I have battled many of their symptoms. Mainly and the most dificult one, struggling to change my diagnosis that prevented me to accomplish my longed wish.


Finally after many lost battles, some won and treatments with no success; I was naturally able to have a family and gave birth to my first child. I learned how strong I was when being strong was my only option.


A year and a half latter and two days before starting finally my very exciting postgraduate degree, I found out that I was expecting my second baby :). 


I learned with these surprises of life, that a diagnosis is just that.

The prognosis can be in our hands.

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Between the study and experiences that I have had to face, I found my passion. That's why I'm here! To show you with transparency who I am. What has worked for me, what has not and how wonderful this world can be (yes, it is another world); conclusively tools. Always bearing in mind that everyone runs their own marathon at their own pace.

I live looking for the way to plant a little seed that grows in each of you who read me. Serve as a proof that there is always an option, you just have to be open to look for it. 

"I learn every day that well-being is more than a diagnosis. Feeling good goes beyond a prognosis" 

Sandy Crivosei

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