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Why did I stop avoiding toxins?

There is something about having a subject so clinging to your mind, that it becomes more of an attraction. This happens to me with the "toxins" and the mentality that we have to try to avoid them, to escape a disease, or to obtain a hormonal balance. This word ( TOXINS) has become one that many of us use or search for without realizing it (especially when people ask me questions or describe me).

Looking into this, you are not going to get intoxicated from using a lead lipstick, you need high amounts of it to be harmful. So,  the words create expectations. If you buy the toxic-free shampoo, then you will have beautiful and radiant hair; If you use toxic-free baby soap, your child will not have skin allergies ... The sad reality is that this is not the case, they are just words and they are just expectations. In fact it does not mean anything when you see it on the cover of a product or in the specifications of its ingredients, there is no regulation to use this term, did you know this?

Although it is true, that the accumulation of certain ingredients may have an effect in the future that influences diseases, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, among others; It is also true that it is not the only piece of the puzzle. Let's see if I can explain myself. At first when I started to know more about the ingredients in the products that we use on a daily basis could have, I became a freak. I was looking for what each and every ingredient om every one of the products that my face was packed with, because the reality is that I am a #skincare-lover, without any penalty to say so. I read all product labels and wanted to change my entire makeup kit to toxic-free options. Actually, I realized some time later, that there were so many other things that I had to change with my products to achieve my well-being. This has been my great learning in all this beautiful path that I have traveled since I fought one of the worst battles trying to fulfill my dreams and create a family.


Four years later I can say with certainty that it is not about using all toxic-free products. I realized that it is about finding its potential in the natural. I mean, I'm not trying to avoid toxins, rather I'm trying to attract the best ingredients. Did you see the change in words and the change in perspective that it can give? :)

I appreciate the feeling of using a moisturizer with ingredients that I know have a lot of potential to help me and give me those benefits that chemicals suddenly do not have. I appreciate my knowledge to be able to make better decisions when looking for a new product. So what am trying to get with all this? Witnessing how the #Clean-beauty market grows by the second. I realize that the options today are endless, they will have more potential as long as you want to attract them and they comes by the hand of many things such as food, good sleep, your mental health and your dose of sun (vitamin D); among other things. Do not seek to avoid using toxic free products, seek to create in yourself a balance that with the set of good decisions regarding personal care, will help you in the long term in your well-being.

You agree with me? Let me know in the comments, or find me on Instagram. Xo, Sandy


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